Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sims Bustin' Out

Over the past week or so I made it a goal to get the final promotion on my Sims Bustin' Out for XBOX. Part of that was because I was super bored one day and since Kaylee was playing so nicely, I did not want to disturb the wonderfulness of the moment.  Needless to say - the game sucked me in. If you understand the game, you know that you have to have a certain number of friends and a certain number of skills before gaining the next promotion.

I had the skills, but I could not gain/hang on to the friends.

I was getting really irritated because it felt like I would gain one friend only to find out that another one was no longer my friend.

However, tonight I conquered the game. Not only did I get my promotion, they sent me on a cruise and cheered for my awesomeness. Then, I flew away into the sunset in a helicopter.

I am so accomplished. Ha!

Joyful Moment of the Day: My friend Sara came over this evening (before my game winning).  It was nice to have some good conversation and to catch up.

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