Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Worst Bathroom Experience EVER

So, everyone has the scare at least once in their life.

The scare where you flush the toilet and for one single instance it feels as though the world is about to end because the water is rising to the top of the toilet.  When the water stops right before pouring out over the top, you let out the huge breath of air that you did not realize that you were even holding.

I had such a scare. Only my scare became reality. At Adam's uncle's house.

Being pregnant and all I have to pee quite frequently. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I went into the small basement bathroom and even noticed that the water was significantly low. I just chalked it up to it being a basement toilet. (stupid) After going potty, my moment happened. I turned toward the sink and began to was my hands. Noticing the water in the toilet was not stopping, panic set in. (There is carpet on the floor.) I lifted the back lid to try to stop the water from escaping, but my worst fears came to life when the water starts pouring out everywhere.

I ran into the main room and told Adam's uncle that his toilet was overflowing.  He went in to assess the damage and went to the garage to get the shopvac. He cleaned that bathroom up for what felt like forever.

Let's just say that I am really glad that all I did was potty. 

And that I have it on good authority that two men did more than potty in there right before I went in.

And neither one of them fessed up when I was utterly humiliated in front of all of his family.

Worst Bathroom Experience EVER!


  1. oh man! that stinks :/ I *totally* know how you feel :)
    that happened to me when I was still living at my mom's house (well, it happened a lot in our house lol)...the toilet overflowed and ran down into the basement and everything was soaked.

  2. Sorry, Boog. (but it still made me smile.) Hope your day, today, goes better.


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