Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby 2, an Appendix, and a Personality Test

I have been intending to write for days now.

Things here have been crazy. I have been trying to get things done before this child makes her appearance.  We did finally pick a name so I guess I should call her that now instead of my usual kid/child/baby 2 comments, but I will leave you hanging for a few more seconds.

Anyways, after a couple of appointments, I now know I am measuring large, actually 2 weeks early kind of large. My doctor was not concerned (she thinks it is the way I am carrying), but seeing as Kaylee was a week early and I was not measuring large with her - for me, it is time to start freaking out.  Kaylee is still in her crib. Her room still not finished so that she can move to her new room and out of the crib. My bag is not packed. I don't have anything picked for Elanor to come home in. (yes, Elanor or Ella)  I have not even begun Elanor's book of my pregnancy with her. I have not had Adam clean the bathrooms in a while. My floors are filthy. Currently, I have laundry that is clean, but not folded and other laundry that is dirty and not laundered. Dirty dishes in the sink, clean dishes in the dishwasher. Ugh. You get my point.

Because Kaylee was early, my house was filthy. I never had the "nesting" phase that everyone said I would experience. My current status - the "non-nesting phase". While, I feel like I learned from my experience with Kaylee and I desire for it to be different this time, I still have no ambition to do anything about it. (at least not today)  Maybe motivation and this so called "nesting" phase will come tomorrow.

In other news, Adam had his appendix removed 11 days ago and he has recovered nicely. One of his scars is almost completely gone and the others are healing nicely.  He has once again started lifting Kaylee which is a HUGE relief for me as I am so uncomfortable and large that it hurts to lift her. For a few days I had to do it alone. It was terrible. I am so grateful for a tough, fast recovering, dashingly handsome, husband that is as usual my Knight in Shining Armor.

I took a personality test the other day for our Bible study at church and thought it was pretty interesting. I am ESFJ. F being my dominate one. It means I base decisions on how they effect others. Anyways, all the letters combined really do sum me up for the most part. I have some hand-outs from class. I may post more about this later. It was super helpful to even think about how different my brother and I are and some of why we struggled to get along as kids.

Well, I need to finish getting ready for work. Happy Monday!

Joyful Moment of the Day: I am not feeling well today and Kaylee brought joy to my morning by doing something she usually will not sit still long enough for, snuggling.

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  1. Count down! Try not to get overwhelmed. Sometimes the nesting phase is rough! It'll wear you out. I remember we just finished painting the entire living room, kitchen, dining room and hall two days before I had Adelaide. (Probably not the best idea!)


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