Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Minutes Apart

So, my daughter is not even born yet and she is already teasing me.

Yesterday during my final board game of the evening I started having contractions. (around 4:15pm)

I did not say anything because I was too focused on the game at hand. After my bathroom visit, however, I was noticing that they were pretty close together.

When the game was finished, I went to get Kaylee from her Mamaw and Poppy's where she had spent the weekend and I timed the contractions the whole way there. 10 minutes apart.

By the time I got there, I was not even sure if I should pick Kaylee up because of how consistent they were.

I decided to take Kaylee home simply because she needed some time with her Mommy and Daddy before Ella came into the world.

I timed the contractions the whole way home. Sometimes 8 minutes apart.

I have to admit I was getting pretty excited. I got home and started unpacking Kaylee's dirty laundry and repacking things that I thought she would need just in case. Then, I got the living areas picked up a little and showered. Still timing contractions.

Finally, I sat down to watch a movie and fold laundry. I stopped focusing on contractions and started focusing on the movie. Finally, Adam asked me if I was still timing them and I realized I had not had one in a while.

3 hours. 10 minutes apart. Nothing to show for it.

This kid is such a tease.

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  1. Oh, do I have sympathy for you!!! The excitement of contractions followed by the disappointment of the baby deciding, "Nope. I like it in here." :) Landon did the same thing to me. If you find yourself yelling "Get out! Get out of my body!" at your stomach, it's ok. That's normal. ;)


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