Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Ever Nesting Experience

I know. I know. I am on a posting spree.

I finally had my first ever "nesting" experience.  Markita, my fabulous Mother-in-Law, came over yesterday to clean for me. Knowing that she was coming motivated me to try to get some stuff done that I have been putting off because I usually need to do the things that Markita was going to do for me. With the time and opportunity, I decided to be supermom and do it all.

I cleaned the stove, oven, coffeemaker, and microwave.
I painted Kaylee's letters for her room orange and her shadow boxes two different shades of pink.
I washed 3 loads of laundry. Folded one load and put it away. (Sadly the others are still downstairs.)
I went to Sams to get much needed toilet paper and paper towels and a few other items.
I went to Wal-Mart to get some stuff I forgot to have Adam get when he lovingly went to the store for me, plus the ice cream that I desperately needed.
I changed the sheets on our bed and cleaned our room.
I emptied the dishwasher and re-loaded it.
I finished my Bible study homework.
I made dinner.
I felt accomplished and tired, but thankfully did not induce labor nor have a baby.

Markita cleaned my floors and bathrooms, which takes hours to complete (even longer when you are pregnant). I cannot thank her enough!!!  My house felt like it had a scrub down.

It was such a good day. My body hurts today from all I did, but I consider it well worth it to know that when Ella comes my life is going to be extremely busy and that I will not have time to do most of those things.

As far as an Ella update goes - I am hoping she stays in there until Sunday evening. We have our local boardgaming convention this weekend and as geeky as this sounds, I am really looking forward to it. I am playing in the Tichu tournament on Friday evening with my buddy Katherine. We have a huge raffle on Saturday and I hope to win a game. Plus, I get to play games with my hubby. I don't get to do that much anymore since we tag team at our game days to take care of Kaylee.  So, yes, as weird as it sounds - please Ella wait until Sunday evening to get the ball rolling.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Beat Adam at Thurn and Taxis tonight. I usually lose at this game and the best part was that he kept telling Kaylee to come sit with him and see how he wins. Not this time...


  1. lol Definitely sounds like nesting to me! Hope she holds out for boardgaming. That sounds like fun!

  2. Yaay for nesting. Looking forward to the tournament!


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