Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This Mother's Day I had the privilege of spending it with two of the world's best Mommies.

First, I got to see my best friend Meggan in action as she maneuvered her 1 year old all be herself while being 8 months pregnant. She was quite the trooper as we did lots of sight seeing and walking, all while dealing with not only a toddler, and a sick one at that. Being recently pregnant myself, I recall how difficult it was to keep myself going at 8 months, let alone deal with Kaylee. I was impressed with her patience with her sick little Addison and endurance in spite of being very pregnant as well as her perseverance and strength while we were out and about. She is one of the world's best Mommies!

Second, I saw my best friend Kimberly in her element as a new Mom. Her 4 month old has one of the most laid back personalities. You can tell that her parenting style is working great for him! When her handsome boy gave her some free time, she willingly helped Meggan and I with our kids. She was quick to walk with Addison when she needed to burn some energy and quick to hold Ella when I needed a break from her crying, all while taking care of Brayden.  I was impressed with her knowledge and memory of every instruction book she owns, her energy that never seemed to deplete, and her ability to manage all of us plus her puppy. She is one of the world's best Mommies!

Now then, I can't finish this Mommy blog without mentioning my own Mom. Even though I did not get to see her on Mother's Day, I definitely thought of her while I was around the two Mommies mentioned above. Seeing them in action reminded me of what a great Mom I had growing up. She taught me that everything has a place and how to be a good hostess. She taught me how to properly clean a bathroom and how a wash rag should be placed on the sink so it will not stink. She taught me how to love and respect my husband and how to patiently serve him. She taught me how to be a Mom and how to love and discipline my children. She is my Mom and definitely is one of the world's best Mommies!

I am so grateful for these three ladies!

I hope all the Mommies out there had a very Happy Mother's Day!

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  1. how the heck do you place the washrag in the sink so it does stink?? I'm very curious...

    And I'd like to add another great mom to your list... YOU! Happy late Mother's Day to you!!


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