Sunday, July 24, 2011

All From One Smile

Today Kaylee was avoiding her much needed nap and I decided that I could use a nap myself.  So in order to hopefully get her to take a nap I went in and laid down next to her.

She, of course, was super excited about this. She got her baby, and her doll named Molly, and her big bear, and her little pink bear all situated on the other side of her so that she could mover closer to me and cuddle up.


"Aw. How cute!?!", you may say. Let me tell you, cuddling with Kaylee is like trying to cuddle with a fish out of water. She flops over and over, banging her head into yours as she flips. By the time she gets comfortable, you either have a migraine or the room is spinning.


Anyways, during her final flop she flipped right over and looked over at me and gave me her biggest most genuinely happy smile.

Wow. All of a sudden I was launched forward into the future.

She, being 13, cuddling up next to me about to watch a girl movie while Adam is out of town on a business trip.

Launched forward again.

She, being 16, having girl talk with me and smiling at me after telling me about something that happened at school that day.

Launched forward again.

She, being 20, telling me about some guy from college that she likes and thinks she wants to date. Maybe even marry some day.

Launched forward again.

She, being 26, married and telling me that she was about to have a baby of her own.

Launched backward.

She, being a couple months old, giving me her first smile.

Back to present.

She, being 2, cuddling up next to me for a nap.

All from one smile.

Tears slid from my eyes as I stroked her hair and rubbed her back until we were both asleep. It is truly one moment that I want to remember forever.


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