Monday, July 18, 2011

It is Official

It is official. I quit my job.

Sad in most respects, but as a whole a very happy decision.

I am looking forward to being able to stay home with my girls and to hopefully maintain a much cleaner home. Not to mention have more time with my husband.

For those of you that don't know what I did, let me tell you. I worked for an elementary school as an assistant site coordinator and as a tutor of a teacher-referred remediation program. It was by far the most rewarding job. Especially this last year as the children that were in my room were from all over the world and were some of the best students that I have ever worked with.

When we found out we were pregnant with a second child, Adam and I spent a lot of time in prayer over the decision as to whether or not I should go back to work. We agreed that financially it would be best if I continued working. However, after spending several months with me at home after her birth, we realized there are many more benefits to my being home than to my working. Plus, I personally really struggle leaving Ella with anyone as she can be difficult to console with her reflux. (Sometimes I feel like a first-time Mom when it comes to her.) We are trusting God to provide and are tightening our belts to make it work.

I am sure that there will be days when I wish I was working still. I will miss my kids so much. (I already do.) They made me smile and I learned so much from working with them.

I am excited to stay at home though, and hopefully be able to truly be the Mom that I want and desire to be.

Please pray for us as we embark on this next chapter of our lives.

It is official. I am now a stay-at-home Mom. :0)


  1. Krista, you will never regret a moment that you spend with your children. Pray, pray, pray for that sweet husband and those precious girls.

  2. Being a SAHM has it's reward's too!!! Believe me you won't regret it!!! I work just Mornings I take Levi with me( I nanny and teach homeschool kids.) Levi loves it that I am at his disposal. My house is pretty much always clean, and I feel like I live a calm life, I have more energy to cook, and spend time with my's worth it! The financial sacrifies are nothing compared to my peace of mind knowing that I am raising him right, raising him for the Lord. Cherishes this time with your littles, they will be grown before you know it!


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