Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Miss Ella

So, I recently had a friend tell me that I don't blog much about Ella. It is so very unintentional, reader.  I have spent some time thinking about it and the reason I try to blog about Kaylee is because I don't want her to feel forgotten in all the hoopla of having Ella. You know, since she reads and all... and in the process I have left out my little Ella.

Ella is such a great baby. If she did not have reflux, I could never have asked for a better baby. When she feels good, she will smile at you just for looking her way. She laughs so much and just seems so laid back.  The reflux has been a tough battle. Some days are great and she sleeps well and has no issues. Other days I can barely put her down because she is in so much pain and is crying all day.  I honestly just feel so bad for her and her teeny tiny belly.  Reflux aside, she is one happy little girl.

She is so strong already. She turns 4 months old in 6 days and is already trying to sit up by herself. She can stand up with help for a pretty long while as well. I think she just already wants to keep up with her big sister because it is obvious that she loves her very much.

Her eyes are still up in the air as far as color goes. I would love for them to be brown, but to be honest I am thinking they will be green or a deep dark blue. Either way, their color right now is beautiful and seriously not a nameable color. I suppose some may call them hazel, but I don't think it would do her eyes justice for how pretty they are.

Anyways, below I posted a video of her trying to hold herself up. I hope you enjoy it! She is a little sweetheart.


  1. Your littles Are too cute! I follow you! I have a blog as well! I hope you check it out and if you like it follow! it is

  2. It's so hard to balance attention between children. The good news is that as you get to know your children better, you start to understand the needs of each. I think you're doing a great job! Can't wait to see your little ones again soon.


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