Monday, August 15, 2011


I hate saying good-bye.

Last week I was able to go spend some time with my parents while Adam was on a business trip. I usually stay home, but since I already had been with the girls for several days on my own (Adam was at GenCon) I decided some help would be nice.

It was so nice to relax and just visit.

I spent some time just hanging out at the house with Mom. We played lots of Angry Birds and watched some HGTV.

I hung out with Dad by playing my current game of choice, Carcossonne. Dad also got me hooked on the show Jericho. The only problem is that it is one of those shows that would give me nightmares if I watched it alone at night, which is about the only time I can watch it without the girls and Adam is not caught up to where I am in the series so I am stuck.

Mom took me out my last night there, which I know was hard on her since she was not having a good week with her health. This night in particular, she was feeling awful, but she really wanted to spend some time out with me. Dad watched my girls and Mom took me to the Mexican joint in town, which is fabulous. Then, we went to Kohls and Target just to look around. It was so nice to get to have some adult conversation with my Mom and not be interrupted by my girls. I am truly grateful that she made time for me even though she felt horrible.

My Dad is the "toddler whisperer" as he is the only person I know that can put my kid to bed and she not only stays there, she also does not cry about being there. It is incredible in an annoying sort of way.  (I called him to find out his secret and it just does not work for me. Although, she cries less.)

Overall, the trip was a success. It was not fun driving all that way with both girls by myself, but I am still alive.

On my way home, I just kept thinking about how much it sucks that I don't live closer to my family. I miss them and wish I could see them more. I pray that we are not always this far apart. I want my kids to know my parents and be able to have some great moments with them and know see why I think I grew up with the coolest parents. Maybe someday...

I hate saying good-bye.

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  1. Love ya, sweetie! Thank you for this and pretty much a ditto (only i would write it from my perspective.)


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