Friday, October 28, 2011

My One and Only

My favorite movie of all time has been on my brain this evening. One scene in particular. The movie is "Ever After". If you haven't seen it, it is a Cinderella story, but by far the best one that has been made.  In the movie the prince is having a conversation with Leonardo Da Vinci about finding his "one and only". If you have never seen the movie, here is the conversation that I am talking about.

I fall into the thinking that there is that one person out there for you. Especially since I see how my life has been so uniquely orchestrated by God and how He led me specifically to the place where I would meet Adam.

Adam was very social. In fact, he introduced himself to me and my family the first day we arrived at Vennard. All of the girls raved about how handsome and awesome he was. I agreed that he was pretty hot, but did not see the appeal as I thought he was rude and inconsiderate. This came from being in several classes with him where he would write notes with me during class, but blow me off afterwards. I actually remember a specific time that he did this to me and I recall how much I despised the way he reacted to my talking to him. I left that conversation thinking, "what in the world does everyone see in him?"

He was a great athlete! He and his best friend Trevor were what I consider to be the stars of our school's basketball team. I had never been into sports, but I have to admit that watching them play together gave me a love for basketball. My head would hurt after games from cheering for them. I really enjoyed watching him play and went to every game.

All of the girls had a game where we would give each other money to go get the phone number from random guys when we were in public. Yes, it was pretty "freshmen" of us, but hey it was an easy way to get some quick cash and possibly talk to a cute guy in the process. One of the times that we decided to play this game was at a softball game between some of our guys from school and some guys from the store that Adam worked at at the time. Adam was playing for the team that he worked with. My friend was going to pay me $2.50 for each guy that I got numbers from. As I prepared my story, one of the guys from the other team came over and told me that Adam figured out what were up to and told all of the team to not give me their numbers. I was ticked. I went up to Adam and let him know it, too. He proceeded to tell me that it was a stupid game and I proceeded to tell him that he owed me some money.  He offered to buy me some ice cream instead and I took him up on it.

A month went by and he had not taken me so I assumed that he had forgotten, but one day he came up and asked me when he could take me.

He ended up taking me to a neighboring town that had a coffee shop that had great desserts. Since he had never shown any interest in even talking to me, I was surprised at how long we stayed there and even more surprised when he suggested that we go to a nearby lake to sit on the beach and talk a little more.

After that evening, we started talking off and on after classes, but nothing to write home about. (Although, I was starting to see that he had a nice side.) We also started talking after watching Smallville since we both enjoyed the show.

Two weeks before school let out, he asked me to take a walk with him. We walked about 2 miles. We did this several other days before school let out for the summer.

We talked off and on over the summer. (Still continuing our Smallville talks.) Adam invited a bunch of students to come to his house for the 4th of July and 3 of us still at school packed up to head out there. The trip out there was when I realized that I liked him. I have never felt that nervous or sick to my stomach. My uncle lived/lives near Adam's family so Adam came to pick us up from there. When I saw Adam walk up to the door looking all good with his summer tan from working for his dad, the thought that I was going to marry him someday popped into my head which made me laugh out loud since I had only realized that I seriously liked him several hours before. Over the weekend, Adam sat down with me privately and asked me to pray with him about dating. I told him that I would and I was impressed that he was not asking me for a relationship then and there. It showed his respect for me since I had decided to take the summer and not date anyone and it also showed me how deep His relationship was with God.

Several months later and several conversations later Adam gave me a necklace that he had made out of hemp and asked me to wear it when I was ready. I had some trust issues and he made it clear that if we did this with Christ at the center, we could have a good relationship that could work and last.

I finally wore the necklace about a month later.

A year of dating and 9 months of an engagement later I found myself happily married to my one and only.


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Wow! love this story...that is/was your reality! That is a perfect "cinderella story. I truly believe that God has a special person for all of us! Your love story was truly one of faith and trusting in God in his perfect timing! So cool!

  3. I giggled like a school girl when I read this:) I am so grateful to have friends like you. Being your bridesmaid on your wedding, always playing the newlywed game, & seeing how you guys complete each other - makes me realize God knows what He's doing:)
    Love you.


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