Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nap Time

Naptime is a Mother's sunshine on a cloudy day.

At least it is in my life.

Ella and Kaylee go down for a nap every day at the same time and while Kaylee usually wakes up first, it is at least 2 hours of quiet for me!

That is not the only reason I enjoy nap time. I LOVE the routine of nap time.

Kaylee comes with me into Ella's room and waits while I change Ella's diaper and get her into her wearable blanket for bed. Then, Kaylee and I stand next to Ella's crib. I sway side to side, as does Kaylee, while I hold Ella. Kaylee picks a song and we sing it to Ella. Next, we pray for Ella and I put her down in her crib. After that, we tell her goodnight and shut the door. All this time, Kaylee is saying things like, "Night, night Ella Grace. Love you. Shut the door by myself." It is a very special moment for me to watch the love that my little girls have for one another.

Once Ella is in bed, it is Kaylee's turn. She goes potty and then goes and gets into her bed. Depending on the time, we may read a book. Then, she picks 3 or so songs that we sing together while snuggling. Next, we pray. I remind her to stay in bed and keep her clothes on and tuck her in. I rub her back for a few seconds and kiss her goodnight.

Yes, these routines can be time consuming at times. Especially after a long day of constant disobedience. However, these are the moments that they will remember. The every day routine things that I do with them. These moments mean a lot to me and hopefully one day will mean a lot to them.

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