Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mr and Mrs

I would consider myself to be a "crafty" person in that I enjoy a good do it yourself project more than most people.

That is the problem with pinterest.

There are about 50 projects I want to do on there right now, but I am currently working on an intense sewing project so I don't have time for most of them.

However, here is one that I did do.

Pinned Image

I know mine is not as pretty as the one that I found on pinterest, but I was too excited to start my little notebook that I did not care about the way it looked on the outside. I was lucky enough to find a plain colored notebook that I did not need to cover any of it.

I also went off the idea and made a notebook for Adam and me. When we have a lot going on, we don't get as much time to talk about things going on in our life and so I thought this would be a great way to catch up on the busy days. Besides most of the time we leave little notes for each other and they end up getting left all over the place and eventually get thrown away since we have no place to keep them. Now we have the paper and a place to keep them.

Can't wait to make one for Ella when she is a little older.

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