Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ella's Endeavors

Ella is growing like a weed. She has grown up a TON in the last few weeks. There was one week in particular that she learned how to sit by herself, clap her hands, dance, and hold her bottle.

She is super adorable when she dances. She really gets into it. Check out these videos and see for yourself.

Anyways, she is not crawling yet, but she is everywhere!  She just scoots around on her bottom until she gets where she wants to be.  If she topples over, she just rolls to her belly and scoots backwards around the room to what she wants.  At this point I wonder if she will ever crawl since she already knows how to get to things without crawling. We will see I suppose.

She likes to make this terrible noise. It's like a growl mixed with a grunt. (You can sort of get the idea of what it sounds like if you watch the first dancing video above.)  It was cute the first time she did it. Now she will start doing it and Kaylee joins in. They do it back and forth for what feels like all day long. It is not so cute anymore.

We are dog-sitting Indy for my friend Angel while she and her husband are picking up their beautiful little girl Maddie from China. Ella LOVES Indy. He likes to lay on her blanket where she plays when we are out in the living room (we have hard wood floors) and she gets sooo excited and starts squealing at him. He is such a trooper because he will just lay there while she slobbers all over him. He must not mind though because when Kaylee does things he does not like he will come over to me and pout. He has not done this with Ella.

She still does not have any teeth. It is crazy to me becuase by this point Kaylee almost had all of her teeth. Ella is definitely teething. She drools and drools and drools. (which is nasty when you mix it with spit-up and the current snot she has) She is just a cute little bundle of grossness right now.

After her last appointment at 6 months, we put her on solids and weaned her off of her reflux medication to see how she did without it.  I am happy to say that she is no longer on the medication and seems to be doing fine.  She still spits-up a LOT as I mentioned above, but it has gotten a little better now that she is on solids.  I am just glad she is feeling better.

She and Kaylee play so great together! Kaylee will jump to entertain herself and Ella will just bust out laughing which of course encourages Kaylee to jump more. It is super cute!

You would think that since I already have Kaylee that Ella's accomplishments and growth would not surprise me, but I just cannot get over how quickly they grow up. I know that they are both still very young and I have lots of time with them left, but they make huge educational leaps those first few years that the time just flies!

Elanor is such a good baby and I look forward to the growing she is going to do in the next few months especially.

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