Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nap Time From Hell

On New Year's Eve, we put Kaylee down for the nap that she usually gets in the afternoon.

This one is different for her because she was taking it in Mommy and Daddy's room instead of her own.  We always have our friends Ryan, Katherine, and their boys up for a night or two before New Year's and they were all staying in Kaylee's room. (The boys were napping in there during this time.)

Kaylee was quiet right away so I just figured she was sleeping. I needed to put something in my room so when I went to sneak in I was shocked to find her not only awake, but also sitting up covered in my lotion. It was all over her, her pillow, and the bedding. The child was punished, the mess cleaned, and the child warned that she better not get out of bed again.

Apparently the warning did not work. About the time when her nap should be ending, I looked upstairs to see this:

One word. Mascara.

I was not happy. I wanted to laugh. But I was not happy.

The nap ended with Kaylee getting into some markers that I had thought I put away.

Worst nap time ever!

1 comment:

  1. But mom, doesn't she look so pretty with all the make-up on... HER MOUTH!


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