Friday, April 6, 2012

Typical Day - Check

Describe a typical day in your current life.

Oh my. Hope you bear with me. Haha!

Usually, I wake up to Kaylee singing or playing in her room and Ella is either cooing or fussing. After I brush my teeth and go potty, I get breakfast ready for the girls and more importantly make coffee for myself. I open all the curtains (hello sunshine!) and then go get Kaylee and take her potty. Then together we get Ella up and change her diaper. We eat breakfast and during breakfast is when I try to get my email and facebook checked. (I have found that if I keep the computer in the kitchen I am more productive.)

Anyways, after breakfast the girls play in the living room while I clean up breakfast and empty the dishwasher from the night before. Then, I join in the play/referee as Kaylee is still learning how to share. (In case you are wondering, Ella woke up in a great mood and is currently throwing a diva temper tantrum on the floor because I did not let her play in the bathroom.) At 10ish Ella goes down for a morning nap and Kaylee and I usually read a little and then do some cleaning until lunch.

After lunch I try to take the girls outside for a little while to burn some energy. If it is too cold to go out, I make Kaylee run laps in the hallway. At 1:30 I put both girls down for naps and I clean, work-out, and take some time for myself while they sleep. Adam gets home and I entertain the girls while he takes a short amount of time to himself. I make dinner and Ella hangs onto me during the process.

After dinner we play in the living room until it is time for the girls to go to bed. Adam usually lays down on the floor and becomes their human jungle gym. Adam and I rotate on which girl we put to bed so that we can each have alone time with one of them. After the girls are down, we either play a game or watch a movie/TV together.

Some days are easier than others depending on the amount of laundry and the mood of the girls. Some days I do not get anything done and simply hold the girls a lot because they just need to be cuddled. (Today looks to be one of those days. I do not know what Ella's deal is today. Kaylee is no better as she is instigating Ella. Oh the love of siblings.)

Happy Friday!

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