Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kaylee's 3rd Birthday

We let Kaylee pick 3 friends to have over for her birthday since she was turning 3. She LOVES Tangled so we went with a Tangled theme. I had big hopes and dreams about how I was going to decorate, but when I started actually making the decorations I was definitely in over my head. So even though it wasn't what I pictured in my head, it still turned out pretty cute and I was happy with it.

I made the pendant flags and used table cloths for the rest of the decorating.

The pendant flags were pretty time consuming, but they turned out awesome. I found a template on-line that was way too big so I had to resize it. After finding the perfect size, I taped it to a paper plate and cut it out and used the paper plate as my stencil. Then, I cut out my triangle shape on a sheet of paper and traced it on the felt. I was able to get 3 triangles on one piece of felt. Using my stencil, I painted the suns on the flags and let them dry. The last thing I did was take scissors and punch holes on each side of the pendant and used yarn to hang them. 

Wal-Mart made the cupcakes and I was very pleased with the turn-out. They were yummy! (Kaylee pushed Rapunzel down into the cake right after I brought the cake in so that is why she looks a little off.)

It was a super fun day! The biggest thing for me was knowing that Kaylee enjoyed her day!

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