Friday, June 1, 2012

Popular Notion - Check

What popular notion do you think the world has most wrong?

It irritates me when our society makes light of sex. Sex is not an activity meant for just anyone and everyone. It was designed by God specifically for a husband and wife.

I am not limiting sex to just intercourse.

Sex can be anything from a butt grab to a lingering kiss.

It is that moment when your mind goes from "This is special." to "I want more."

Sex is not a recreational activity that you do for fun with whoever you want. There will be emotional baggage left behind. There will be consequences.

When it is used that way, the special luster is gone and it is dirty and worthless. Might as well be mowing the grass or driving a car.

Sex is a beautiful gift and when it is used correctly, it is a fantastic wonderful thing.

When a man and woman save themselves, every thought - every deed. For their wedding day. Their is nothing more special than offering yourself as a gift to the one you love. Pure. Untouched. Ready. And accepting that same wonderful gift from them.

Too bad the world has it all wrong.

They are missing out.

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