Saturday, September 15, 2012


Going into college I expected to meet some nice people, have some fun, and get my degree.

I did not expect to make life long friends.

My brother and I have this conversation all the time. You make your priorities. You choose what goes before what. You find out quickly where you are as a priority in the lives of those around you.

My best friend Meggan and her husband came down for the weekend. 12.5 hours. With two children under two. So Trevor and Adam can cheer for opposing teams at the Vikings vs Colts game on Sunday. And so we can all just hang out together because we enjoy each other's company. (They even played Galaxy Trucker with me, which is my favorite game. And they don't really like boardgames.)

I am so grateful for them. They bring out the best in Adam and I. I love seeing how happy Adam is and how much fun he and Trevor have together. Meggan is a great listener and gives great advice, so conversation is always something I look forward to. They make us laugh and help us remember our dating life and the things we fell in love with each other in the beginning. Our kids are all around the same age so they stumble, whine, and slobber all over each other.

If you have friends that you feel are super important to you, you should tell them. You should show them. Make them a priority. It is totally worth it.

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