Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vennard T-shirt Blanket

IT'S DONE!!!!!

And I LOVE it! It's soft and cuddly.

Here's how I did it.

First, I cut out a pattern with newspaper and used it to cut out my t-shirts.

Then, I pinned it to interfacing and followed the interfacing instructions. (Iron the interfacing on, peel paper off, iron again using a damp press cloth to seal the interfacing.) This was the longest part of the process. It seemed to take forever.

When I finished the interfacing, I spread my shirts out on the floor to figure out the order that I wanted them in.

It was finally time to start sewing. I sewed each individual shirt to the one next to it, completing each individual row. Ironing when the row was complete

Next, I sewed all of my rows together.

Then, I pinned it front sides together to my purple back fabric and sewed around leaving a large enough hole to pull the blanket through. After pulling the blanket through, I hand-stitched the hole closed.

After that I sewed a top stitch a quarter of an inch in all the way around the blanket. The last thing I did was sewed "in the ditch" across my rows to make the blanket nice and snug.

Voila! It is complete!

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