Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Selling Our House

This last month has been busy and emotionally stressful as Adam and I have been weighing all of our options. We first started thinking about moving because Adam has a country itch. He wants the girls to be able to play outside and run around without worry. While country living sounds nice, it also means starting over on a lot of fronts. New church, new community, new friends, new doctors, new dentist, new times to do grocery shopping, and new stores to shop at. All of those new things plus a newborn made me realize that I am not ready to start over right now. This brought ideas of adding on. We got several estimates and decided that unless we were going to stay in this house forever, it would not be worth the cost. Then, we considered re-doing the basement and adding a bathroom down there. Somewhere in that discussion, school started coming into our conversation. Halting all of our considerations of staying in our house.

Pause. While I loved being homeschooled and I think I could handle the educational side of it, I am not sure I have enough patience to teach our children. Would I try? Sure! But there is a chance that it would not work. And in this house, we have no other option that we can afford. It would be on me. I can't commit to that without knowing exactly what I was getting into.

That was how we came to the conclusion that we need to move to a better school district.

We love our house. It is in a great neighborhood. It has tons of room thanks to the large basement downstairs and the two sheds we have out back. The yard is large, but not overwhelming. It has served us well.

It will be a good home for someone else. Here is our listing if you are interested or know someone else who is looking. We decided to try to sell it ourselves since we are not in a huge hurry.

I hate moving. And I know I will miss this house. It is our first house. We started our family here. This house has seen a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. Both of our college cars died here. Lots of memories in this house. I will definitely miss it.

But it is time for a new chapter in a new home.

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  1. The floors look really pretty from the pictures. That will be a good selling point! Good luck! Selling/moving is so stressful, but getting the kids in a good school is non-negotiable! You are making a great decision.


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