Friday, July 19, 2013


This morning after the girls came in for our usual morning cuddles, they quickly disappeared to the kitchen to "help me" get ready for breakfast. Kaylee likes to get the spoons and cereal out.

It takes me a few minutes to roll out of bed, but I noticed that it was unusually quiet in my house which is never a good sign with a 2 and 4 year old.

I called out, "Girls, what are you doing?"


"Girls, answer me."

More silence.

I hopped out of bed as quick as my pregnant self can move and walked into the kitchen to see two little chocolate covered faces. Kaylee was holding the open jar of Nutella. 4 little hands were smothered in the chocolate hazelnut spread.

Quickly I handed them wet paper towels to wash up while I put away the morning snack of choice. They threw the paper towels away and I immediately was wishing I had gotten a picture of their faces before they cleaned up. Thankfully, when I turned around, they were still a little messy so I quickly snapped a picture of their naughty little selves.


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