Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Renewed Kind of Love

Recently I have tried something new. In the midst of whatever kind of day I am having, I pick up the closest of my little girls and simply whisper "I love you very much" to them. Their response is one that ultimately brings tears to my eyes. They give me a HUGE smile, wrap their arms around me, and give me a bear hug.

As I stood in the kitchen holding my almost 5 year old Kaylee, I contemplated the miracles that each of my children are. 

I loved my girls before they were ever born. Through 9 months of carrying them. Feeling them move. Seeing and hearing their hearts beat. Delivering them. Seeing them for the first time. I did not think my love could be greater than that.

Until we lost sweet baby D.

My love for my children, which can sometimes be skewed by my own sinful nature and by their bad behavior, was renewed. And so much more than I could ever imagine.

And I am reminded that life is such a miracle. And should not be taken for granted. 

So, try it. Pick up one of your children. Tell them you love them. When they least expect it.  Let their response bring joy to your day. Save their response in your heart.

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