Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Tuesday

I started this post on Tuesday of last week. So come back to Tuesday with me.

The morning started with nursing Charlotte and getting the girls up. While they ate their breakfast, I drank my coffee and worked for Husk. (Follow us on Pinterest - here is the link.)

After I finished working and got the girls ready to go, we loaded up for a play date with friends. It is a free play place that we definitely will be visiting more often!

This is Kaylee with her buddy.

After the play place, we came home and ate lunch.

Lunch is followed by naps. While the older two napped, Charlotte helped me with my homework for community group.

Kaylee woke up and snuggled with Charlotte for a bit.

 Elanor woke up and snuggled with me.

Next, I made dinner.

And my handsome husband arrived home from work.

After we ate dinner, I picked up around the house because our host family for community group was sick and so we were hosting for the evening. This is Arden taking a selfie. :)

Once everyone was gone, I hunkered down with Charlotte to end the day as it began. Feeding Charlotte.

Thanks for joining me for last Tuesday.

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