Saturday, December 20, 2014

Do you run?

Up until about 2 months ago, my answer to this question would have been, "Of course I run. Every time someone rings my doorbell and I am still in my pajamas, I run to hide or put normal clothes on."

I have always hated running and the idea of running. I am sure at some point in my life someone must have laughed or teased me about it because one of the main reasons I hated it is because I felt like I looked ridiculous doing it. I am also pretty slow. And for someone as competitive as me, I hated it when we would have races in elementary school P.E. class.

There you have it. My history. I am not a runner. And have always hated running.

Enter in my brother.

When I went to visit he and Rachel in October, I was challenged to do more about the lifestyle of laziness that I had chosen for myself. Some would argue that I was still in the first year post baby and that I have plenty of time to worry about that later, but it really had nothing to do with the sweet little girl I was chasing around and everything to do with my own struggle with sin.

I just want to sit around and eat sweets and never get off of the couch.

Sounds pretty lame when you just type it out for the world to see, and honestly I have never verbally said those words, but that is the underlying thought.

So, back to the story. Michael and I were discussing laziness and then jokingly I said, "Maybe we should run a 5k together." Michael was supposed to laugh and say something snarky, but instead said something to the effect of, "yeah, that is a great idea."

Somehow my friend Annie got wind of this semi-decision, and sent me a link to a 5k that was about donuts. This girl knows the way to my motivate me. Donuts. I registered before I changed my mind.

Today, I ran that 5k.

I ran today to prove to myself that I can get off the couch and don't have to be the lazy girl that I don't want to be. And I highly recommend the cto5k app. 8 weeks ago, I couldn't run for 60 seconds without feeling like I could die. Today I ran 3 miles in 35 minutes and 30 seconds only slowing down for donuts of course. If I can do it, you can do it!



  1. You lost Annie in the Finish pic.
    I'm proud of you!

    Thank you for challenging this Old Couch Potato. See ya at the Starting Line.

  2. I LOVE IT!!! I started out 2014 determined to run 14 5k's in 2014. it was my initial pump-you-up! mindset. Then I ended up on the planning committee of a 5k and I lost my gumption. This year, I just want to run for me...not for a goal, not for a prize, not for anyone else, but because in the past few years I've realized I really want to be a runner. (it helps that I have crazy super-half-marathon friends who constantly fill my FB feed with their medals and their training and their accomplishments that bring such great smiles to their faces.) However, you've hit it on the head with the lazy thing. My dad was always in shape, but not because he worked out or ate right. It was because he was just really active. I don't drive a truck and jump up and down out of the back loading and unloading heavy packages all day. I sit on my hiney writing....or reading....or watching tv....until it's twenty minutes before my husband or kids ask what's for dinner. Then I run. To the cupboards.

    Anyhoo (that's such a Tooley word, isn't it? :) ), way to go!! Keep running, cuz-the-second, and I will too!

    PS: I wrote a post about this running thing in 2013. Here's a link if you'd like to read it.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I will definitely read your post Trayc! Thanks for sharing it!


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