Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meal Exchange

Some of my friends and I do a meal exchange.  There are 6 of us total and we each make 2 meals so we end up with 12 meals total in our freezer to pull out whenever we want.  Trust me - if you don't do this, you should.

This is how it works.

One person picks out recipes for all of us and emails them and the completion date to us.  Then, we meet and exchange dishes if need be.  Some meals we try to put in zip-locks so that they take up less space.  Then, off we go!  You purchase what you need for your 2 recipes and then make 6 of each of those meals. Total up the meals per person and then let everyone know what they owe you via email. By the completion date, drop off your meals in the freezer at church and pick up the meals that belong to you.

This time around, I am really excited about the meals we are getting.  My two meals that I have to make are chicken lasagna with white sauce and chicken pot pie.  I made all of the pot pies today.  I sampled the filling and it was DELICIOUS!  I will be making the lasagna in the next few days.  Hope it is yummy too! 

Joyful Moment of the Day:  Getting to hang out with Krista and Elliana for a bit today.  It is always so good to catch up with friends that you haven't seen for a while!  It was a very good, very productive day!

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