Friday, February 25, 2011

Fun but Relaxing

This week has been a ton of fun, but also exactly what the doctor ordered.

I was told at last week's appointment to get some rest and get better. My lingering cold was making me cranky and making it more difficult (if you can imagine) to sleep. The doctor was so happy to hear that I was done working and that I could do exactly as she said.

Friday evening I went out with friends. This was to be my last week with my friend Krista so we all went out to dinner and dessert.  We ended up in an arcade at the mall and just had a blast being goofy and earning tickets for our awesome neon bracelets and sour candy.  I have not laughed that hard in a while. It was just a super fun night. Not quite "restful" perhaps, but a great way to spend my first official day off from work.

Saturday I went to lunch with some friends from my old job to catch up and see how things are going for them. It was so great to hear that they were all doing well and to finally meet Hayley's little Charlie for the first time.  After lunch, Adam, Kaylee, and I headed down to spend the evening with Adam's family to celebrate Adam's dad's birthday.  It was a relaxing evening of dinner, conversation, and games.

Sunday, after church, we went to lunch with some friends to celebrate our friend Jeremy's birthday. We went to The Journey, which was a new experience for us.  It was pretty good.  I would like to go back when I am not pregnant so I can try the sushi.  The rest of the day I did nothing, but lie around and take care of Kaylee.  Lots of rest and relaxation.

Monday and Tuesday were days of resting as well. I did not feel well at all and so I stayed on the couch as much as possible. Monday night, we went to home group, but I was still able to just stay in a restful state of mind.

Wednesday was my crazy day. I went to Bible study on Wednesday morning. It was a luncheon day so I enjoyed talking with friends over soup and salad.  After Bible study, I headed over to hang out with Krista, Kendra, and Angel. We took Elliana, Keziah, and Kaylee to a place called Monkey Joe's that afternoon to run off some energy.  Since I am pregnant, I wasn't able to "play" so Angel was so sweet to help Kaylee through the bouncy toys for me.  Kaylee had so much fun and was extremely tired afterward.  Wednesday night, Adam and I spent the evening watching Survivor and playing Fusion Frenzy on the 360. Then, I stayed up to book my ticket for California with my friend Meggan to see my friend Kimberly. Exciting way to end the evening.

Thursday the girls and I met up for brunch to see Krista and Elliana off.  It was a yummy conglomeration of food.  It was bittersweet as we said goodbye, knowing that good things are ahead for their little family with this move, yet we will miss them greatly.

Today is another crazy day for me. I had a doctor's appointment this morning. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon, which I need to leave for shortly. Then, this evening I am meeting up with some friends at Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick a pattern and some material as I prepare to take my first sewing class.  I am super excited about this! I have wanted to learn how to sew for so long and have had a few brief lessons for small projects, but have not actually ever been taught.

Joyful Moment of the Day: Kaylee's pigtails. I am a sucker for them. She looks super duper cute with them.

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