Friday, April 8, 2011

Everyone is up and at 'em!

It all began at 8 when both girls woke up at the same time.

Kaylee's morning routine is to have her diaper and clothes changed, brush her teeth, and eat breakfast.

Ella's current routine is eat, play, sleep.

The goal is to have Kaylee wake up and have her routine done long before Ella wakes up.

Somehow I managed to get both routines rolling without either child having an emotional breakdown.

There is more.

So Kaylee was eating breakfast and I was trying to make something for myself. Ella was in the pack-n-play until I could move her to the bouncy seat over by Kaylee and I at the table.  I went to check on her while I was waiting on the toaster only to find that she has soaked herself in spit-up. Her front was soaked.  Her back was soaked. The pack-n-play sheet and water proof pad were soaked. I had no choice but to give her a bath.

So, I get her bath ready in the kitchen and while I am bathing her Kaylee finishes eating. Kaylee starts saying loudly, "All done! Please! Please!"  This means that she is finished with her oatmeal, but really wants something else to eat. If you don't get to her right away she does what most toddlers do and starts playing with her bowl and spoon. I was in a frantic hurry to finish Ella's bath!

Needless to say, I successfully finished Ella's bath, Kaylee's breakfast, my breakfast, and got Ella down for a nap without anyone having a meltdown.  All by 9:30.

I honestly don't think I would have made it through if I had not had a good night's rest last night. Adam was wonderful to let me go to sleep at 10ish while he took Ella downstairs during her normal "gassy" time of the night. He has to get up by no later than 6am to get ready for work so staying up late is not on his agenda. However, the night before had been rough for me because Ella was awake from 10pm-3am crying so I had not gotten any sleep and did not get a nap yesterday. My emotions and body would not have handled another night like that. So, Adam taking Ella down so I could rest was exactly what I needed.  Adam said Ella fell asleep almost right away last night so I am glad he was able to get some rest too.  He is such a good husband and father and I appreciate all that he does for us. I think the morning would have been extra crazy if I was still running on low in the energy department.

Hopefully, the rest of the day will be uneventful! :)

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