Friday, November 30, 2012

God's Answer

When I was waiting for my Parent's call yesterday I did not expect the answer would be "benign". Not because I lack faith. But because I was trying to be ok with whatever the result ended up being.

See, a month ago my Mom had a rather large and pretty impossible spot to reach that they were fairly certain was still cancer. They were going to do an MRI guided biopsy a few weeks later to be certain that it was just an area that was still healing from radiation. Well, during those few weeks, that spot completely healed. Vanished.

And a new spot had formed.

So when they did the MRI guided biopsy to check the other spot, they instead prepped the new spot. But since it was too close the chest cavity to do the biopsy, they would have to go in surgically to get it. So, that added another few weeks of waiting.

I was preparing myself for the worst. After all, it had been in there for like 5 weeks. And it was brand new.

Dad called me quickly after the doctor's call came in and shared the good news. Benign! That word gives me goosebumps!

God sometimes chooses no as an answer and while I was prepared for that, I am so grateful that His answer was YES! I prayed for healing for my Mom and He provided it graciously. Praise God! Thank you Lord for healing. To You and You alone be the glory, honor, and praise!

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