Monday, February 4, 2013

The Weight

Sad to be writing this. But hopeful that by writing this I will be more motivated.

Last year I lost 22 pounds. And I felt awesome. I finally liked the way I looked. I was no size 2, but I have never wanted to be that small. (I like my curves just fine thanks.) But I felt pretty good in my own skin. I didn't look at my body in the mirror and hate it.

Well, sadly, November to January were TERRIBLE months for me and I gained back 12 pounds. YIKES! So easy to gain so quickly. It takes months and months of work to shed it, but seriously only a few weeks to gain it back.

My doctor told me that eating healthy and exercising will help me feel better and will help my mood. That is great and all, but my mood makes me motivated to lay around, not work-out and eat better.

But thankfully I have friends willing to help me out. My friend Annie is making monthly pledges that are designed to help her do more of the things she would like to do throughout the year instead of just making a once a year "resolution". One of her pledges this month is to do the 30 Day Shred for 30 days straight. She asked me to join her. Well, I started on Jan 31 and after 5 days, I have already seen some results. My plan is to measure and weigh every 5 days during the shred since it is a nice even number of times. I am also taking pictures, but you will NOT be seeing those. Ha.

Pause. Let me say that while the 30 Day Shred is not for everyone, it does wonders for me. It is by far the hardest work-out I personally have ever done and is awesome for my body type. It really tones all the areas that I have had issues with my whole life. (Hello, bubble butt and child-bearing hips.)

When I get to my goal weight, I am going to get a new swim suit. I have had the same suit since 2008. It is stretched out from when I was pregnant with the girls and I really could have used a new one last summer.

Ok so here are my results:

Butt: -1/2 inch
Hips: -1 inch
Waist: -0 inches
Thighs: -1/2 inch
Neck: -1 inch (I only measure this because myfitnesspal keeps up with this.)
Weight: +2 pounds

So I was a little sad that I gained 2 pounds, but most likely it is muscle since I have let myself get into such terrible shape the last few months. I was most excited about the inch off the hips. Hello, better swimsuit body.

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