Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Taking a turn.

Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

The most distinct turn that I can think of was when Adam and I got married. We were no longer dating so I did not have to leave and go back to the dorm at night. 

Shortly after we got married, we had to make serious life altering decisions as to what jobs we would apply for and where they were located. We then moved 8 hours away from the life we had known for the last 5 years to a new apartment in a large city where we knew nobody, but were closer to Adam's family. 

After a year of living here, we both found new jobs and moved into our first home where we started talking about having children. Two years after that, we had Kaylee. Two years after that, we had Elanor. Two years later, I find myself pregnant and getting ready for another move.

The turn in my life wasn't just about all the new things that I was embarking on, but it was about my life no longer being just about me. I went from being on my own to being on a team. A lifelong team that requires lots of work and lots of grace. This turn made me realize how selfish I really am as a person and gave me insight into how much I could grow and change for the better.

Best turn I have ever made.

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