Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Krista's Fun Facts

So last night I could not sleep a wink. And it got me thinking about the little quirks that I have and the weird things that I do that others may or may not know about me. For your entertainment here is said list.

-At night, I prefer the room to be cold so that I can snuggle up into the blankets.

-There is only one way to clean and it is my way. (Ask Adam.)

-I HATE clutter.

-When the girls start digging out tons of toys it stresses me out. (mostly because I hate clutter)

-Ever since Ella was born, I have a hard time getting to sleep and some nights I lay awake for hours, unable to shut off my brain.

-My mouth is still numb from having my wisdom teeth taken out and could take about 6 months to get the feeling back.

-My favorite household chore was laundry until I moved into a home where my laundry is in the basement.

-My least favorite household chore is dusting. 

-I LOVE putting Kaylee to bed at night because I enjoy singing and praying with her and talking about the day.

-In the last 4 days, I killed over 39 flies. (stopped counting at 39 and that was just in 2 days)

-I am really bad at the game Lost Cities.

-When I am going to bed, the bedside lamp has to be on because I cannot stand getting into bed in the dark. (I blame my Mom on this one because of the time she crawled into my bed when I had gotten up to go to the bathroom so that she could get me back for always scaring my brother.)

-I LOVE putting Ella to bed because she cuddles up with her bear while I sing and she looks super sweet. (which makes me want to pick her up to snuggle and start bedtime all over)

-The girls know our routine so well that they do it by themselves now. After breakfast is playtime in the living room. They just went in the living room, shut themselves in, and started playing.

-I like to throw wet diapers at Adam. He hates it.

-Ever since I came up with that pet peeves list, I continually am aware of other pet peeves that I have. (So, I text Michael with them.)

-Dr. Pepper is the best pop ever.

-Water is disgusting.

-I enjoy doing the 30 Day Shred because I know it works. (I've lost 22 pounds since Christmas!!!)

-It is hard for me to choose working out over taking a nap. I like naps.

-Being a parent is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be.

-If I were a super hero, my weakness would be ice cream.

-My husband is my soul mate. I love him very much.

-I hardly ever wear make-up because I like that it makes me feel beautiful for rare occasions.

This concludes the fun facts for now. Have a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. I love you SOOOOOOOO much! This made me smile, laugh and wish I lived closer to you. You're my niece...but even greater, you're my friend.

    I really, really love you.

    Uncle Joel

  2. Ummm...I can't help but notice, also, the COMPLETE change in the whole "putting Kaylee to bed" thing. Remember the time that Uncle Joel had to lock her in her room and she screamed to highest heaven?

    She can tell her therapist about that some day.


  3. Hahahaha! It is soooo true. A year ago, putting her to bed was a NIGHTMARE! She does so great now! Thanks for that memory! Hahaha. Poor kid.


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