Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Toothpaste and Sunscreen

When we were in Kansas for our college reunion a couple of months ago we had a situation with Kaylee and Ella involving sunscreen that was not fun to clean up. (Ella's outfit from that day still smells like sunscreen.)

And maybe you are one of my few wonderful followers that remembers this post from not long before that.

Well, that is not the end of Kaylee's little mess making nap times.

Last week we were in South Carolina for Adam's brother's wedding. We put the girls down for naps and turned on the monitor. Small noises here and there including some singing and laughing, but all somewhat harmless sounds when the girls are in the same room napping together. Adam's Mom graciously held down the monitor for us so that Adam and I could go play in the ocean for a short bit. When we came back, we rinsed off the sand in the back yard and as we were coming around to the front Kaylee started opening the door to our side of the beach house. She was covered in something white as well as wearing her pajamas. (She was dressed before the nap began.) As I push her back to survey the room, I am astonished to see the mess she has made. (Talk about having a flash forward to 14 years from now.) Both toy bags were dumped and toys were scattered everywhere. Both things of sunscreen are open and strewn about with the toys. WHITE STUFF WAS EVERYWHERE! The entire floor. The bed. The couch. Kaylee. The packnplay. Ella. And then there was a lone tube of toothpaste, empty. (was brand new)

Adam took Kaylee next door to deal with her while I cleaned up the mess. I don't have a picture of the over all mess because I did not think of taking a picture until I was finally able to make it over to Ella. Who looked so sweet as she was sleeping. Among the mess.

In the packnplay with Ella are some stale veggie straws, toys, sippy cup, pacis, her bear and blanket, and if you look closely under the food and toys you can see the stain from the Dr Pepper that I had leftover that was also dumped in there.

You can't see Ella's head from that picture so here is the view from when she was awake.

Thankfully, the white stuff was not the sunscreen but the toothpaste. It was surprisingly a lot easier to clean up than the baby sunscreen was. And it smelled better too.

Kaylee definitely keeps us on our toes.

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