Sunday, June 12, 2011


Well, readers, this is my 100th blog!!!! It is so crazy to think that I have written that much as I can recall days as a kid where I would write for a couple of weeks in my journal and then stop writing.  Adam and I were discussing this 100th blog and it made me start thinking about all the things that I wrote about in the other 99 blogs.  This made me decide to write the Top 10 Blogs out of my 100 Blogs. These are the blogs that had the most views and I will even tell you how many times each one has been viewed. So without further adieu:

The Top 10 Blogs out of my 100 Blogs 

1.  Sewing Sisters came in at 58 views!

2.  Kaylee Finally Walking came in at 77 views!

3. Sick came in at 78 views!

4. My Update on Ella tied with the Announcement That we Were Going to Have a Girl coming in at 79 views!

5. My Sort of Decision About the Epidural came in at 85 views!

6. Ella's Birth Story came in at 93 views!

7. My Top 10 on Things To Ask Yourself Before Having a Baby came in at 104 views!

8. Complete Surrender surprisingly came in at 107 views!

9. My question of whether To Epidural or Not came in at 118 views!

10. My Top 10 on Marriage came in at a whopping 204 views!

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