Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top 10 Board Games

Adam keeps harassing me about writing this blog. Apparently he asked me to write quite a while ago and I agreed to do it, but until now have put it off. (If you would like to know more about any of these games just search for them here.) So, my Love, here is my list.


10. 7 Wonders - This game can be played with 7 players and it does not change the length of the game whatsoever because you all play at the same time. I enjoy it because it takes some thinking, but it is not a brain burner so it doesn't have a ton of waiting on other players. And I probably like it more because I beat a table full of guys in the demo hall at GenCon the first time I played it. :)

9. Traders of Carthage - This game is 2-4 players, but I prefer it 2 player. There is more control in a 2 player game and that makes the game have more strategy. It is not a long game and it does not take up a lot of room so this is usually a date night at Starbucks game. This game is enjoyable because Adam and I can have conversation and still play a strategic game.

8. Macao - Macao is also 2-4 players. Adam and I usually play it 2 player, but I really don't have a preference for how many play. Everyone has a ship's wheel numbered 1-6 that you rotate each turn that points to the number of cubes you get that turn. That mechanic is what makes this game different than other games we play and is why I like this game.

7. Endeavor - It is funny to me that I like Endeavor as much as I do. I hate conflict so if a game offers a war element, I am not usually on board to play. This game has that element and yet I really like it. This game plays 3-5 players. I think I like it best with 4 simply because most shipping lanes open up. My favorite thing about Endeavor is that it is a fairly simple game with minimal rules, but is super strategic and can be won in a variety of ways. There are not a lot of games that I don't mind teaching and this is one of them.

6. The Castles of Burgundy - I was torn between this and Endeavor, but since this can be played 2 player it beat Endeavor for 6th place. Personally I like this game because I like that I have my own player board that I get to build on. I prefer to play this 2 player because it can be a pretty long game with more players.

5. Puerto Rico - This game is awesome. It is 2-5 players. With my own player board, I get to build again. There is shipping and trading and city building and prospecting. I think what I like most about this game is how pretty it is. Even before we bought the anniversary copy, I have always thought this game had nice bits. Not to mention that this was one of the first games we bought as a married couple. We played it a ton with our neighbors and friends Derrick and Renee. So, this game is extra special because it has been with us for most of our gaming life.

4. Avalon - Best party game in my opinion. 5-10 players. Much like Mafia with the suspense and intensity, but nobody dies so everyone gets to play the entire game. I like this game because even my Mom likes it, meaning that people that don't usually play games would most likely enjoy this one. It is best to play with people you know or at least very outgoing people.

3. Le Havre - This plays 1-5 players. I like this game because I feel like it never plays the same way twice. The buildings come out in different ways every time so you are forced to switch strategy based on there order. It is a longer game, but it feels like it goes really fast.

2. Galaxy Trucker - Unlike all of the other games, this game is very chaotic. It is in real time. Building a space ship as fast as you can, but as pretty as possible hoping it helps you last through the round. After all ships are built, you face a bunch of pirates and meteors while collecting goods. You do this 3 times. Each time your ship gets bigger. I like this game because the most strategic part of it is simply in building your ship as that is the only part in your control. It is very fast paced.

1. Agricola - This game is my favorite, but I am terrible at it. I enjoy it because no matter how badly I play, my farm still looks so nice by the end. As you can tell from above, I enjoy games where I get to build on my own player board. This one has AMAZING bits. We have the farmer meeples and the animeeples as well, making playing even more fun.

There you have it. I like games where I can build and that look pretty. That about sums it up.

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